Dedicated Server Reseller

Offer your clients a broader range of products by reselling our VPS and Dedicated servers. CreativHost's Dedicated Server reseller program is 100% white-labeled!
You simply order the product from the creativhost website, enter your reseller discount code and provide the server login details your customer requires.

Reseller LevelDiscount Levels
Beginner 2-4 VPS/Servers5% Discount
Bronze 5-9 VPS/Servers8% Discount
Silver 10-24 VPS/Servers10% Discount
Gold 25-50 VPS/Servers15% Discount
Master 51+ VPS/Servers20% Discount


Expected Sales per Month?
Everymonth is diffferent for a company big or small so creativhost understands that having limits can be very demanding.
So we DONT have a minimum limit.

No deposit required
Because you are using our network, servers, licenses etc.., there is no upfront deposit needed.

Dedicated Team Member
Creativhost will also provide you details of a Sales team member who will personally handle your account. This team member will provide you with special offers that will be not be available from us directly!

Getting Started?
Please contact our sales team at [email protected] or Open a support ticket at our Sales Department.

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