VPS Hosting Technology

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS Hosting technology presents multiple isolated server environments on a single physical server. Each VPS uses its own hard disk space, RAM, CPU, Dedicated IP addresses and it can be rebooted independently. Virtual Private Servers allows multiple customers to share the expense of hardware and network connections without sacrificing privacy, performance or preference.

HyperVM Control Panel

HyperVM is a Web interface which helps you manage multiple Virtual Private Servers having its own Operating System. Also it has the option to link more than two HyperVM Servers to create a tree of Servers.


With XEN VPS technology, each VPS gets its own swap file space and kernel just like a dedicated server. If you need to load your own kernel modules, this is the option for you. OpenVZ is a software/OS based virtualization technology that utilizes the host servers kernel for all VPS. Instead of swap space on OpenVZ, you get burstable memory so your software will not fail if it needs to burst out of your allocated memory limit for a few minutes.

Vps Functions:

  • Add/Delete/disable/enable/restart VPSes
  • Manage Ipaddresses for each VPS
  • An advanced ip pool allowing you to easily track and automate ip assignments to vpses
  • Backup/Restore Vpses
  • Schedule Backups
  • Rebuild VPSes using a different template
  • Migrate VPSes trivially from one machine to another.
  • Command Center, allows you to execute commands in the VPS and view the output
  • Integrated Java applet based Ssh client
  • Reset Root Password
  • File Manager
  • Added live graphs for traffic, incoming/outgoing/total, and cpuusage for each vps.
  • Remote backup facility for VPS. You can setup ftp server info, so when a backup is taken, the archive will be automatically transfered to this server.

Operating Systems

freebsd msws ubuntu debian opensuse
gentoo slackware fedora centos
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